The Theatre - Museum of SALVADOR DALI

The Theatre - Museum of SALVADOR DALI


Even if you are not attracted to contemporary art and you are not a fan with the paintings of Dali, a visit to the largest Museum of his work in a small town in Catalonia will impress you. The exhibition will be interesting not only for adults but also for children.

Your bright emotions and mood

The Museum was opened in the resort town of Figueres in the same building where Salvador Dali exhibited his first art work in 14 years. The whole complex of buildings is symbolically connected with the life and work of the artist. After death his body was embalmed and buried it in a crypt under the unique dome of the Theater - Museum.

The building and the exhibition are highly avant-garde and surreal. It gives the impression that you have been in a strange world created by one of the most crazy and brilliant artists. Our guide will help you to penetrate the secrets of the great master and understand the artistic genius, will talk about the facts of his difficult life very interesting.



Walls of loaves of bread and huge phantasmagoric chicken eggs on the roof... The Museum impresses visitors even when approaching the building. Inside is the largest collection of original works of the artist. Jewelry, installations to various representations, household items that surrounded the great Distance are presented there.

A striking place does not leave indifferent not only fans of Salvador Dali. It's like he's trying to turn your idea of the most stable - dimensions, space and time. The most unusual expositions require acquaintance with the artist's worldview. Our professional guides will help you to understand his work in all its flexibility.

After visiting the Salvador Dali Museum it will be interesting to see some more local attractions. You can choose the Gothic Church of Sant Pere from the 14th century or the Castle of Sant Ferran of the 18th century.

The next point of the journey may be a Toy Museum with several thousand exhibits. Some of them belonged to the most famous historical figures. Relax after a busy day will be nice in one of the cafes in the old historic part of the city

We will open for you the genius of Salvador and extraordinary Spain! Get ready for a fascinating journey into the world of high art and history of one of the most famous personalities of all ages.


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