Sightseeing tour of Barcelona by car

 Пешеходная экскурсия по Барселоне

Sightseeing tour of Barcelona by car

When you want to embrace the immensity and time is short, you need a sightseeing tour in a comfortable car. There is really large number of places to see in Barcelona!

Your bright emotions and mood

Spain is the great creations of Gaudi, passionate seniors, ancient and contradictory history, rest on the purest sea and beauty of the southern nature. Barcelona includes all of it.

All the main attractions of the city are situated over a large area. Therefore, a tour with our guide:
* saves your time and nerves;
• provides your security;
* is without crowd of people to attractions;
* gives great impressions and an interesting story about all the nuances of every interesting place;
* offers attentive attitude and individual approach when choosing the most interesting places.


You will visit the iconic places of Barcelona, which made it famous all over the world.

Temple "La Sagrada Familia" - an unique project of architect Gaudi. The gigantic size of the Cathedral strikes the imagination with its bizarre carvings on every inch of the stone. It seems that it is made of lace.

Park Güell is another great creation of Gaudi. All the houses, architecture and design elements create a feeling as if you was in an eccentric fantasy of an architect.
The Balló House and the Milo House are gorgeous and unusual buildings. They began to develop a special architecture style of Gaudi. House like flows to follow the natural movement of sea waves. Fancy decor and unusual windows will make you admire again and again.

You may see Spain Square with its king size Musical Fountain in the evening. Watch a colorful show of water, sound and light and enjoy a day final in Barcelona.
You will also like the extraordinary beauty of the Cathedral of Barcelona in the Gothic style, the most popular Rambla Street and many other special places of the capital of Spain.

We will make an individual route taking into account all your wishes, so that Barcelona remains in your heart.

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