MONTSERRAT mountain and Monastery

MONTSERRAT mountain and Monastery

Amazing and mystical place attracts millions of pilgrims and tourists every year. Are you ready to touch the unexplained mysteries of Spain? We invite you to visit the ancient Benedictine monastery which was built of more than 700 meters above sea level.

Your bright emotions and mood

The buildings of the majestic and beautiful Monastery began to be created in the 11th century. Now the territory has a Museum, a valuable library of manuscripts, a national Park. Here sings the most famous boy's choir and is situated the oldest music school in Europe.

The last reconstruction of the beautiful Cathedral was attended by the great maestro Antonio Gaudi. Not only architecture, works of art and historical artifacts, but also the local nature will impressive you here. The amazing forms of the mountains look very fascinating. Each one is similar to something, has its own character and even name.



The spiritual center of not only Catalonia, but the whole of Spain has a special Shrine. The statue of the Virgin Mary of Montserrat made of dark wood in magnificent gold vestments attracts thousands of those who ask for her protection and help.

We will offer you spend the day in a wonderful place filled with special energy. You will be able to ask The St. Virgin Mary for help in an important matter, personal asks or healing from diseases.

In addition to visiting the Monastery and unique historical buildings, exhibits of the local Museum, you can choose a way to spend time to your liking. We will make an original program.

At your disposal we offer a walk through the beautiful nature reserve in the mountains, lunch in the restaurant over the precipice, the opportunity to make unique photos.

In the Monastery you can buy some souvenirs. Monks in their free time engaged in winemaking, beekeeping, making delicious desserts. Such things you may take away with you and present to relatives.

Поездка к горе Монсеррат и посещение мужского монастыря зарядит Вас энергией для дальнейшего путешествия и точно станет незабываемым местом, полным таинственного очарования.


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