For real gourmets and just fans to have a good time. The cuisine of any country is one of the best way to understand its special character. Spain has something to give to the most discerning and sophisticated persons.

Your bright emotions and mood

From traditional Basque cookery (which proud of recipes of thousand years age) to modern fine Spanish cuisine, it's easy to get lost among the abundance of wonderful wines and dishes.

How to make the best choosing among restaurants, to visit the best authentic places of Barcelona and other cities? How to be satisfied with your choice among unknown names and exotic dishes? All these issues are solved by our gastronomic tour of Spain.

A pleasant evening or afternoon meal will be graced by our professional guide in the world of taste pleasures of Spain. It will help to make the right choice and tell about the features and origin of each dish.


We enjoy traditional dishes that were eaten by the inhabitants of Spain several centuries ago. The freshest farm products and excellent homemade wine. Greens and cheeses of self production. The ingredients for each dish are grown independently and prepared with special love according to old recipes.

To be in Spain and not try traditional Mediterranean cuisine is a crime! Fresh seafood according to special secret recipes in one of the authentic restaurants in addition to the characteristic wines will be a promising aperitif to a denser dinner of fancy snacks and tender baked lamb.

Spain and Haute cuisine - quite modern and combined. Molecular cuisine, traditional dishes or exquisite and unusual combinations - you choose. We offer the best and most popular places of such kind.

Taste Spain and enjoy its flavor and unique combinations with our guides in a Gastronomic tour.


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